My Blue Egg Lecture for Biology Students

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    Jun 1, 2010
    Hope this is the right place to post. Just wanted to tell my effort to further the knowledge of "chickendom" in a world where kids might not have the chance to be around animals.
    I am a paraprofessional at a high school. Now that I've had chickens for 7 months, most people are ready for my "Let me tell ya about my chickens!" stories. I especially like talking about the little blue eggs from my bantam Ameracaunas, I guess because the response is usually "Blue eggs?!"
    A biology teacher was finishing up a section on genetics with her 12th graders. She invited me to bring some blue eggs & talk a bit about how chickens lay colored eggs. I brought a regular-sized, white store bought egg to show the students the difference in bantam eggs, but the most fun was showing the class the little blue eggs & the kids saying "Aawwww, they're cuuute!" Students were really interested in traits of the breed as well as egg colors. I broke the eggs into a beaker to show the golden yolks of my yard eggs vs. the pale yellow of the store egg.
    I was glad to have the chance to show students there's variety and beauty in CHICKENS! I wanted to say, "Wait til I show you my silkies!" But I held off on bringing a live hen!
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    Sounds like they need a class field trip to your house to get up close to them. I think the hands on expierence and actually seeing something right in front of you has a better lasting expression than to read it in a book.

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