My boy is so aggressive!

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by farmkat55, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Ok, so I have a pair of Pekins. Since they were a week old. Didn't know at first that we had a male and female. I also read they do not mate for life and that males are quite the floozy type! I don't see them mating every minute, but enough to sometimes give her a sore spot on the back of her neck.
    So, he is now very aggressive. They are almost a year old. She lays 1-2 eggs just about every single day. He is possessive of her, and I get that. But he will terrorize my dogs and all people if he is loose in yard..but not my husband...and he's very mean. He will fly to catch up behind us, he will jump for any skin that is exposed, when I open the coop door...he is poised squatting down ready to jump at me. Now, I can stop him before he goes but I can't have anyone else feed them in the coop. The only 'person' he won't terrorize is my Great Pyrenees! They seem to like each other and the dog kind of plays with him and the duck pecks on his fur and Levi seems to like it, like a massage! LOL He will sometimes grab at Levi and comes up with some fur in his beak, but he never hurts Levi.
    My husband said he may look up duck recipes...aackkk!....which won't happen, but I hesitate to try to rehome him cuz no one else will want an aggressive duck either! We handled them both and were with them all the time when they were in the house...he changed when they went to the outside coop. She did too...she just hangs behind him and doesn't want to be petted now.

    Someone said he may need more girls...but I don't want more ducks especially, in particular if he stays mean and then I have more ladies to tend!! What do y'all do??
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    My advice would be get more ladies for him or kill him. It may seem harsh, but these are the only sensible options I see. If you get more ladies, I do think it will help his aggressiveness, but he may always be a little standoffish. The good thing with this option is that, even if he stays aggressive and you kill him, you will still have some pretty nice ladies! And ducks are fairly easy to take care of too, so I don't see a lot of negatives to this plan. The other option is kill. You kill him and he's out of your life forever and you never have to worry it. If you decide to kill him though, you may think of getting a buddy for your girly-girl if she seems lonely. :)
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    I would get at least one more hen and see where it goes. If you then do have to get rid of him, your first hen will have company. But for some drakes theres no curing them...Coincidentally, I am getting rid of two of my drakes very soon [​IMG]
  4. Yeah, when hormones take over and breeding season hits....Drakes can become handfuls....He will need more Hens to distract him from the one Hen you have or he will possibly over breed her?.....Or you might have to get rid of him?.......She will need another hen as a companion....Even then without a Drake, Hens can and do breed each other....;)......It all depends on the Ducks......

    Best of luck.....

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