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    Doug, my mutt roo has been "crowing" for a while now but Toast, a black silkie, just crowed for the first time (that I know of) yesterday morning!
    I was so excited! I've been watching them and waiting for a crow for a month now. It was actually Petri, my big buff silkie, that I though would be the first but NO. It had to be toast. The biggest one with the smallest comb [​IMG]

    I have such good boys [​IMG] They crow for me and protect me!
    Doug is definately my right hand roo man [​IMG] And I think Toast will be too!

    Does anyone else have any good boys like that?

    P. S. I just gotta do one more [​IMG] [​IMG] for Toast!
  2. TinkyFeathers

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    Nov 13, 2011
    Aww I love their first crows [​IMG] my chickens started off all crackly and eventually their "voice" got stronger [​IMG]
    Right now I just have a white silkie who crows all day lol

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