My Brooder is In My Kitchen....Heat?


In the Brooder
7 Years
May 21, 2012
My chicks are now 7 days old, and 14 days brooder is a large deck box in my kitchen...what i want to know is if it is necessary to heat 24/ is in the 70's inside the house....and i keep the heat lamp pretty far up from the brooder and everyone seems comfortable....should i try taking the heat away/
Hi Lisamarie! I would not take the lamp away yet. They don't have a lot of feathers to keep themselves warm and will most likely need it at night, and for a few more weeks still. I would say as long as they have space to move around, they will go to the heat when they need it and move away when they don't. They will tell you! Good luck - do you have any pics?
aww, they are adorable! i would definately leave the heat lamp on. looks like they have plenty of room to move away from the heat if they don't need it, but they are still so small.

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