My Broodie's gonna set herself to death X.x

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    May 4, 2010
    I have a broody BO who's been sitting religiously on her dozen eggs for at least 20 days now, candling what eggs I could (curse those thick-shelled EE eggs) I see there's little hope of a successful incubation. She's been sitting hardcore on the nest, going into broody over-drive and has lost a lot of weight despite our attempts to keep food and water close at hand. Rather then break up the nest I go and purchase some chicks from our local feed store and try to put them under her that night after putting her in her own pen for her and the babies to romp in. She's upset by the move and growls at the babies, but sits on them nonetheless - 20 minutes later I come back to check on her to find her in a different box and the babies near-frozen. I managed to save them, but it seems to me she's rejected the babies and wants to continue to sit on her probably lifeless eggs. I'm at a loss for what to do next, but I fear is she sits for too much longer she might set herself to death.

    Should I wait a few more days and attempt to reintroduce them? or is her word final? Ideally I'd like to try and let her have some babies, she's most assuredly earned it, but if she refuses and continues to wither away I'm going to be forced to act.

    Anyone have any insight?
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    I would take the eggs away from her at night, and maybe slip the babies in then. With the eggs gone she may feel they hatched already. Keep an eye on her tho to see if she tries to attack them. In either case she needs the eggs taken away and be broken of her broodiness to save her life. There are threads about doing this please look for them.

    If she does accept them and you put food/water near her she should eat and show the chicks what to do.

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