My Broody hen... advice?


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Apr 16, 2014
Okay so my sweetest hen went broody. We read a few ways to break her and we decided to give her some fertile eggs. Tuesday 4-15-14 the eggs hatched. Of the 4 eggs, one egg was bad, one chick died before I found it, one was injured or has a birth defect so momma hen abandoned it, and then one perfect chick that momma loves dearly. My question is about her broodiness. She has the one chick still with her and she spends all her time with it. But my 3 others hens are still laying in the coop and Momma/broody hen is still stealing the eggs and trying to sit on them. Should she have stops this behavior since she has a chick? We really don't want her broody because we don't want or need anymore chicks. Plus we don't have a roster so we have to get fertile eggs from someone else.
When can we expect her behavior to change? Or do we need to do something about it? Is it normal for her to continue to sit on eggs while she has a chick?


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Feb 5, 2009
South Georgia
I would guess she doesn't think she has finished hatching her clutch, and that it will stop in a day or two. If not, I suppose you could separate her and her chick -- whch I'd hate to see happen, as to me, the chick growing up in the flock is the way to go. Especially with only one surviving chick. I know if they were mine, I'd do my best to wait it out, even if I lost a few eggs in the process.

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