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    I have a broody muscovie setting on 20 eggs, and day 35 is on friday. Well I know that ducks need high humidity so I took the hen off her nest and made her take a bath to wet up her feathers, (shes so stubborn and NEVER wants to leave the nest for ANYTHING)

    Well when she was off I picked up some of the eggs and put them to my ear and I herd pecking at the shell wall and I felt movement, I qucikly placed it back in the nest and let the mom back in to go and set on the eggs..

    How long do you think until the eggs pip? This was at 12pm and now its 2:15.
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  2. Jennings Gamefowl

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    Feb 17, 2009
    sometimes it takes a whole day for a batch of eggs to hatch... shouldnt be too much longer...
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    Mar 17, 2008
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    Just went outside to take some pictures for another post, and I picked up some more eggs.. and every single one I picked up was pecking at the wall! And one was almost fully pipped.

    Im so eggcited.

    Here are some pics, I will update as they hatch! [​IMG]



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    Oct 6, 2008
    Very adorable! I think you are going to explode if some don't pop out pretty quick! Unfortunatly I have read that this can take two days or so. Maybe better take a Vicodin and update us when you come to? LOL j/k [​IMG]
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    Lol, tell me about it.

    But 35 days is a LONG time to wait.
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    Well update on my muscovy hen, well she has alot of eggs that are "cracked" , like the side of the shell is cracked but the membrane isnt... today is day 35, and I am hoping for a duckling today.

    I am worried though because none have hatched yet and yesterday afternoon was when I saw the first "crack"

    Is this normal for duck eggs? Is this just the pre-pip?

    I am worried about humidity and everything else, do you think the eggs will be okay? I dont want to try to help when I def. dont need to.


  8. Rare Feathers Farm

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    Just don't take her off the nest & leave her be...I know it's hard but if you bug her enough she'll leave the nest & the eggs may not hatch.

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