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My brother is in second place, it would be fantastic if he won. Please vote for him. Thank you, I know as a group we could make it come true for him!!!

Every day the brave men and women of law enforcement work hard to keep us safe - and to keep society running smoothly. In their honor, the
> Irish Echo last year inaugurated the Irish Law and Order awards.
> This year's listing of America's Most Distinguished Law and Order Leaders includes Jimmy Teehan!.
> Jimmy will be honored as one of the Irish Echo's "Irish Law & Order 50" during a awards presentation next Wednesday evening, 10/20 at the Irish
> Consulate in NYC.
> The Irish Echo is conducting a vote for the Irish American Law Enforcement Officer of 2010. Jimmy is one 10 people on the ballot. Pease take a moment to vote for Jimmy by clicking on the link below.
> Law and Order vote
> The Irish Law and Order 50 will be honored in the Consulate of Ireland, Park Avenue, New York, on 20 October. Now the Irish Echo is inviting its
> readers to vote from a shortlist of ten, the person they believe is 'The Irish American Law Enforcement Officer of 2010'. The results of our poll
> will be announced at Ireland House on 20 October. Polls close at noon on that day.

> To register your vote, click here.
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Thank you! thank you!
I would like to share a funny work story about him.

It's a story that portrays the heroic nature of our own Detective Teehan...

It was Winter 2002-2003, the date of this story escapes me, but I can tell you that Mother Nature was definitely ticked off that day...snow was coming out of the sky in sheets...the wind was whipping and wind chills were below zero...on my drive home from work my wife called to let me know that she would be stopping at my Mom's in Paramus to help her with the snow on the driveway.

Shortly thereafter, I get a call from Lauren...she was at my Mom's house, the driveway had been cleared the lights in the house were on...she had rang the doorbell but my Mom didn't answer...she used the key that she had to let herself in the house and the keys to the house and my Mom's car, which was still in the garage, were on the kitchen table. and there was no sign of my Mom. She asked me to come to Paramus, as this scene was definitely not typical for my Mom, so I diverted my route from Oradell to Paramus and arrived at my childhood home.

I agreed with Lauren that the scene was odd...I called my Mom's friends and relatives in the area to see if they had seen or heard from her...nothing...after an hour or so, fear and worry had set in...I didn't really know what my next step should mind feared the worst...I called my lifelong friend, Detective Teehan, asking if he had heard of an ambulance calls to Bogert Place...having spent many days there together playing Atari, I know that hearing that road always makes Jimmy think of the Kelly house...he said he had not heard anything, but that he was on his way over.

Upon arriving at the house Jimmy and I shook hands and he said "Chris, I know we're good friends, but now I have to me a cop..."..within minutes, the table where I grew up eating family dinners was covered with a grid of my old neighborhood...K-9 units were there, gathering the scent of the person they were going to be in search of...Jimmy asked all the relevant questions "Was your Mom showing any signs of memory loss...dementia...was there anything odd in her behavior recently?" The answer to all the questions was 'no'... then teams of cops left the house, going to neighbors houses, talking to people shoveling snow, with a picture in hand asking "have you seen this woman today?" Jimmy informed me that all this was necessary because, in this extreme weather "time is our doesn't take long for frostbite to set in"...

Jimmy saw that all this was wearing on me...the situation was making be the hours went by our fears worsened...Jimmy said to me "Why don't you go home, get changed out of your suit and come back later, I'll handle things here while you're gone..". I told him that I wasn't leaving until we found my Mom but I did want to check my messages at home, to make sure this storm hadn't caused any damage at my place in Oradell...

On the third ring something unexpected happened, a familiar voice was heard saying "Hello?" on the other end of the phone...."MOM???!! What did...what are you doing at my house??!!!"

It turns out that the screen door at my Mom's house had locked when she went out the shovel, she had no keys to her house or car, but kept a spare key to my house in her garage, so she WALKED the 2.5-3 miles to my house in Oradell, knowing that her son or daughter in-law would soon be home and had keys to her house and could let her in...the real funny part of the story was that she said she didn't want to embarrass herself by going to the neighbors and asking to use their phone to call me because she locked herself out of the house! I think the swat team that covered the neighborhood may have spoiled her plan...

So in the end, in the same fashion as Shaggy and Scooby-Doo, Detective Teehan had solved the case of the missing Mom, and we have a cool Missing Persons poster to show for it!

If I could vote for Detective Teehan 100 times I would...
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Now for a lighter side of Jim's police life -

Just voted....Jimmy is the man. I was talking to Jim on his cell phone a few years back. He was in his squad car and he told me to hold on...I knew by the tone in his voice that something important was going on. I heard some radio chatter, so I listened intensely......perhaps an armed robbery, or a high-speed chase was in progress. The seconds that passed felt like hours. I didn't want to speak, for fear of distracting him.....He may have to make a life or death decision......I couldn't take it anymore.....Just then Jim spoke very loudly and directly.......And I heard....."I'll have a BIGGY fry, and a BIGGY shake......." Paramus was once again safe. Still laugh to this day...hehehe

Mike M.

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