My brother wants ducks. Should i get him ducks?

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Toshi, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. Toshi

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    Jul 2, 2011
    IN corn state
    I have heard that Ducklings can be so messy. And i did know soemone who had them when i was maybe 9 or something and well they were not the cleanest things that was for sure. So i know they can be messy but how messy?

    I do however have chickens and i have raised two batches of them. The frist had six Speckled Sussex chickens, the other bunch was a golden lace, and a rock. So i know how to raise them up, but i have a feel ducks are so diffrent. But here is the big question. My brother is lazy. He has a dog and cat and dosent take care of them i have to. And i think i would have to take care of the duck too. And i dont wnat that. But he has been helping me with my birds, i never asked him about it at all. And if i do get hima duck for his b-day it would have to live in my chicken coop, so how would that work out? Or would my Roosters pick at it to much? Do they lay like a hen does?
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    Jun 4, 2009
  3. redhen

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    Ducks are wicked messy.. but i LOVE them. If you have just a couple of them, and tame them out...they have the best personalities. I'd say they are the clowns of the barnyard... so much personality.
  4. duckyfromoz

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    Jan 11, 2010
    If you already think he is not likely to look after it- them maybe you have answered your own question about if you should get your brother a duck for his birthday. Animals are a commitment and not a toy that can be forgotten about when they are no longer new...or cute and fluffy. A single duck can be lonely for its own kind and while they can live with chickens - they would be much happier with there own kind. They do lay eggs ( if female of course ) just like chickens- but something else for you to consider- if you ended up getting him one that turned out to be a drake- it could try to mate with the chickens which can actually be very harmful to them . Ducks can be a great pet, despite the mess they can make.
  5. saddina

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    May 2, 2009
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    In general pets aren't great as gifts. Since I don't know how old your bro is, perhaps a book on ducks, or a petting zoo trip or something similar. And, well speaking as a mom, if someone decided to get my kid an animal, i'd gleefully make them pick up said animal poo by hand, as i know my kid may loose interst (there's a reason I veto more pets than allow, I know if i say yes, i may be the one cage cleaning while they leave for college in 5 years).
  6. Toshi

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    Jul 2, 2011
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    ok thanks guys, and i know animals are not toys, i have horses, rabbits, and chickens. But thanks that was helpful [​IMG]
  7. Sore Thumb Suburbanite

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    You know, if you get him a day old duckling and he has to raise it himself... he may just bond completely and fall in love-hence taking care of it despite the laziness... You see, I'm lazy, I was given cats and my husband primarily feeds them and deals with the litter (sorry honey) and personally, my female cat is a total snob and I don't really like her... But!!!! I got ducks this year and from day one they were my children, my entertainment, my subject of choice, my cheif worry, my obsession. They are very dependant upon you the first 4 weeks... but then they become very low maintainence-at least after you work on the right setup.

    I think if you keep the duck separate from the chickens for a while, and keep it in an adjoining cage to the chicken coop from 4 or 5 weeks-6 or 7 weeks on you will eventually be able to keep them in the space, provided you make allowances for their water needs and prepare the coop well.
    At that point, the duck will be fairly easy to manage, and your brother will likely spend more time with it because he raised it and its different from the chickens. I think you should get a large duck, so if in the future the rooster is agressive, it will have more weight to throw around...

    The duck with chickens has been done successfully before, you just need to rig things right and we can all contribute comments and help with that. All my animals I have have been gifts and I couldn't be happier with one of my cats and all my ducks and goose...
  8. Oregon Blues

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    Apr 14, 2011
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    I think that if you would like to get ducks for yourself, then get a duck for yourself.

    The world is full of dreamers who talk big, but never follow up. I suspect that is what your brother is doing. Talking about ducks, but not wanting one enough to actually go out and get one.

    If he honestly wants a duck, and isn't just blowing hot air, he will buy his own duck. If he wants a duck badly enough to actually go out and get one with his own money and under his own power, then maybe he will take care of it.

    Animals should not be given as gifts. It borders on animal cruelty to give a live animal as a gift to someone who you already know won't take care of it.

    I like the suggestion to give him a duck book, instead. Holderread's book Storey's Guide to Raising Ducks is an excellent book. If your brother is genuinely interested in having ducks, he will read every word and learn the information in the book.

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