My Brown Leghorn has sores just above her tail feathers on her back


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5 Years
May 28, 2014
Below are pictures of her back end. I just noticed this today when she stretched her wings. When I got closer I found the broken off feathers and sores (shown below). There is one lump time thing right underneath those little feathers close to her tail feathers in the first picture ( the sore can not be seen).

The photo below is on the side of the photo above. It is the reddest part of the sore.

If any of you have seen this and know if it's just from bullying or if it is something more like a parasite please let me know. And also if you can give me ideas of how to help it heal that would be nice since this is my first flock. Thanks

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5 Years
Aug 20, 2014
I can give you mine but there are tons of threads on here that deal with this and tons of ways to do it

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