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    A little over two years ago, I was a new member to BYC. I was still getting used to the place, but the people were awesome. I had to keep my chickens at my grandmas because I lived in the city, but that worked fine for me. It was hard, but I managed because I love my birds. I was reading a post one day about a young "pullet" named Rizzle. Lynn, now known as HenHaven, had bought an assortment of pullets from the feedstore, and one grew a comb! This was about the time Cyn was trying to determine Lexie’s sex too, I remember that one all too well! Everyone knew Rizzle and Lexie, they were the famous Barred Rock pair. Well, Lynn’s neighbor decided Rizzle’s crowing was annoying, so she had to find a new home for her boy. I was a little over two hours away, but I figured I’d ask anyways. Sure enough, Lynn was ready to bring him down to me right away! On July 18th, 2006 my sister and I met Lynn and her DH at the feed store. She snapped a photo of us, and we drove off. My sis and I decided Rizz needed some water, so we stopped at McDonald’s. Ohhh man, the looks we got! The girl at the drive-thru looked and was like, “Is that a chicken?!” and my sister replied, “Yes, yes it is!” We got him home and he fit right in with the rest of the flock. That was also the day Cyn became my Aunt! [​IMG] He had his harem of girls and he took them all over the property. He decided to flog me one day, and all I could do was laugh. I love teenage roosters, they think they’re so tough. My grandma taught him differently with her cane, and he learned the stay away from her, lol.

    *Rizzle the day I brought him home*


    He had his problems with dogs, constantly. He liked to pick fights, and they liked to chase him. I was always there to protect him, it was all fine. My cousins were horrible to him, and they hated him so bad. So recently, my parents decided we needed to move. We had to get my animals out of there before something big happened. We found the perfect house, but we had to wait a month to move in. Here we are, in the house and this morning I went out to my grandma’s to feed. We plan to move all of the animals this weekend, hopefully. I got out there and Rizzle didn’t greet me like he always does. Right away, I knew something was wrong. I searched all over, and finally called my mom freaking out. I decided I should check over by the demon-dog, because Rizzle was known for picking fights with him. Sure enough, there were barred feathers all over. I stood there and just broke down, my boy was gone. I called Lynn but didn’t get an answer, so I left her a voicemail and I just about died. He was the most amazing rooster ever, even though he was hated by most. I gave him the best life I could for a little over two years, and I know he enjoyed it. I found no body, we assume that my cousin hid it so I wouldn’t find out. That is what kills me the most, I have nothing to bury. He waited over two years, and when we were finally able to move him he got killed. Its very frustrating, and Im really upset. I just wanted to share this with everyone because I know a lot of you knew Rizzle. I’ve been crying off and on all day, but I still have his daughter and a few other birds to bring over here to my new home. I’ll miss my boy, that is for sure. A lot of you know my stories of Rizzle, and I know you all know how I feel. My mom tries, but then she turned around and told me we’d just get a new rooster. I just wanted to let you all know that I lost my boy. Thanks for reading, sorry its so long.

    If I wasnt so lost, I'd have added this before today. Rizzle coming into my life didnt just gift me with a new rooster. It gave me an awesome friend as well. Lynn and I have a great lifelong friendship, and its all because of one chicken.

    Just wanted th clarify that I do not blame the dog, AT ALL.

    Here's a couple pics of him...




    Rizzle, his daughter and another one of his kids in the back...



    Uhh, Im gonna miss that guy. Thanks for looking guys, I appreciate it.
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    Jorday, I'm so sorry you lost Rizzle, I know how much he meant to you [​IMG]
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    Mar 5, 2008
    Awww, I'm so sorry!!!! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Sorry about your buddy.

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    Rizzle will be missed, fo shizzle.
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    Awww. Jordan I'm sorry, I know I've said it a hundred times today but ugh... it sucks. I'm sad I won't get know more Rizzle pics. [​IMG] At least you still got Rizzie.. ya know. [​IMG]
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    Thanks, Julio. I really appreciate it. [​IMG]

    Thanks, cjeanean, Maple. [​IMG]

    Thanks, Peanut. Definitely Fo Sho. [​IMG]

    Thanks, Amber. I know, I really appreciate it. Rizzie is definitely going to keep her father's legacy going. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] to you, my friend, for giving Rizzle a wonderful life. I wanted him to have an owner who loved him, let him freerange with his harem, and live "la vida loca!"

    You did all that. He had a great life. I am so glad you responded to my post for a home for Rizzle. I remember posting "Rizzle is in trouble with the law!" ...and your response began a wonderful friendship that I treasure.

    Your tribute to Rizzle is awesome, Jordan. Thank you. [​IMG]
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    What a wonderful tribute to Rizzle! I just hate it that you had to find out that way; how awful for you! Poor Rizzle, he was a tough guy, wasn't he? Since he would have been mine if I lived closer to Lynn, I do feel like I've lost another one this year. Why can't you be closer so I can give you a big hug??? Thanks for loving the Rizzler all this time, J. Love ya, buddy.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Hey Jordan. I am so sorry you lost him. I think you and I joined around the same date right? I joined october 2006
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