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  1. Peachaburra

    Peachaburra In the Brooder

    Feb 6, 2017
    I have two adorable budgies! Paris is 3 years old, and I adopted him as a friend for my previous budgie, Dobby, who was very lonely, in late 2015. The woman who owned him took very good care of her birds, but had to downsize. Paris is very sweet with other birds, although not very hands on with people. He is a beautiful singer, and I love to listen to him chirp!



    After Dobby passed, I let Paris be for awhile. But after realizing that he was lonely, I decided to go on the hunt for another budgie friend for him. I looked for awhile online, but had no luck. So I did something I didn't really like, but wanted to make Paris happy. I went to our local pet store (that gets budgies from a local breeder, not a mill), and brought home a friend for him.

    Lincoln (Link) is under a year old. He and Paris hit it off, and they love each other! Lincoln is so playful, he plays with every toy in the cage! He is hands off with people as well, but that's okay. He also has a beautiful voice!



    Here are the two buddies! :) They love to fly around the room (Link has since grown his flight feathers back), and to harass the conures. LOL.


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  2. KDOGG331

    KDOGG331 Crossing the Road

    Jan 18, 2008
    Your budgies are beautiful!

    I love budgies, I've had quite a few. But of course I was a kid and didn't really take the best care of them. I had 2 in middle school though and one in high schood and loved them.

    I would love to get more and actually take proper care of them but with the cage and socializing them, it's a lot of work and time atm. I guess I could get 2-4 and have a flock but I want them to be people friendly so will wait till I have more time and money and also am in a better place mentally so i can care for them :)

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