My Buff Orp Broody Hen Is Hatching A Duckling Today!

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    I have a BO hen that has wanted to sit a nest for months, only we had no rooster so I always found her nest and took the eggs away.

    She decided to sit on a wooden egg and if I moved it to another nesting box she would simply move to it too.

    I took pity on her and stuck a few duck eggs under her, figuring her work ought not to go in vain.

    Well, those eggs were due to hatch on the 27th. I kept checking for pips, but there weren't any.

    My husband had to run to the feed store this morning and as he was leaving I mentioned that we'd better take those eggs out so they didn't explode.

    Well, my 11 yo son (he's the one in my avatar) sneaked out and checked her (saying a prayer I am sure!) and came running in to announce that not only did she have an egg that was pipped, it was zipping too!

    We are so excited! I'll post pictures of any ducks that make it.

    Here's a picture of the patient mama hen on her nest.
    ETA: Now that she has done this-Do I take the duckling away right away?

    If anyone has any advice I'd appreciate it!
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    Has it hatched?
    Now that she has done this-Do I take the duckling away right away?

    I think I remember read about chicken raising ducklings, and every thing was fine besides that the ducklings thought they where chickens. [​IMG] [​IMG]

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