My buff orpingtons love grapes~

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    Tried some raw veggies, a cut up peach, a cut up apple...Meh, my girls couldn't be bothered to come near us! Well, I finally found the magic to make my chickens come to me instead of running away. They LOVE grapes! I mean, they are crazy over them! I can hold one up in the air like you would a dog treat and my buff orpingtons will JUMP IN PLACE just like a dog and snatch it from my fingers! They are so funny! Even though I have a little bowl of them, they will chase each other trying to steal a grape one has in her mouth!
    Just love our 4 hens!





    (see our coop and hens here:)
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    Thanks for that
    I will try it.
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    Now that you have a treat that they love, you'll be seeing lots'll be easy for you to train them to come to you when you call them.
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    Oh how fun! I will for sure be grabbing some for my flock! Thanks ;)

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