My business of ferrets..Show me yours!!! :)

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    Aug 16, 2008
    Thought I would share some pics of my six fert butts. They are a blast to have, but are high maintenance pets. [​IMG]

    This is Meeko. He is the first ferret I've ever owned. We brought him home as an 8 week old kit from a petstore before I knew about shelters and rescue. He will be 2 years old on February 25. I got him the end of April 2007.

    Snickers, we rescued Snickers from a bad situation. His previous owner neglected him so badly that his fur was falling out and he was skin and bones and badly dehydrated. We didn't expect he'd survive the first 24 hours with us. He had been fed a diet of potato chips and chocolate with cat food occassionaly. His estimated age is 4-5 years old. He has an enlarged spleen and is showing early signs of adrenal disease. We are treating his holistically with oral melantonin and he has shown some improvement!

    Mocha is my chocolate sable. I would love to say she is a doll, but truth is, she's bitey!! She will be 2 years old June 21. She was surrendered to a breeder by her original owners because she bit. The breeder contacted me and asked if I would take her in. Of course I said yes, as I was wanting a girl ferret since I had two boys LOL She's come a long way with her biting, but it's still a work in progress. We suspect she might be a dwarf ferret. She is very highstrung and needs A LOT of stimulating playtime and toys to expend her bundles of energy.

    River, she was my birthday present last month from my hubby. [​IMG] She'll be 2 on June 21.

    Kodo, he came with River as cagemates, but DH said he was for Christmas LOL even though I got them at the same time. He will also be 2 June 21.

    Tiko, he's only been with us for 2 weeks. He belonged to a neighbor. He had a cagemate who died because their owner kept forgetting to feed them and she starved to death. So, we were contacted by a concerned family member to see if we'd take him if they could get her to give him up. Obviously, we said yes. He's doing really well and has gained a good bit of weight in the two weeks he's been with us. We have a general idea of when his previous owner got him as a kit, so we estimate he will be 2 sometime in March or April.

    Arriving soon is NUMBER 7!
    Chance, our newest adopted wee. He isn't here with us yet, but will be arriving sometime this weekend. It is estimated that he is 3-4 years of age. He was surrendered to at TN shelter, and we asked to adopt him and were approved. Transport was worked out and my boy will be home with us soon!

    Below is Chance's story. I asked permission from his shelter mom to share this with you. He had a different name to start with, but I chose the name Chance because he was getting the chance for a real home with us.

    Chance’s Story

    Chance was purchased as a kit from a local pet store. His first owner went to prison and left him in the care of his roommate. Six months later, the roommate also went to prison and left Chance in the care of his sister and her family. He lived with the sister for about a year. The sister, unsure how to care for a ferret, did the best she could but still did not properly care for little Chance. He lived in a cage designed for guinea pigs. When it fell apart, rather than purchase another cage for him, they moved Chance into a rabbit cage outside. We are unsure how long he lived outside. When she contacted Grape Tail Ferret Rescue about surrendering Chance, it was over 100º F (37.77° C) for several days in a row. There were thunderstorms, rain, and just generally no relief from the elements for him. He had no blankets to cuddle into or any protection from the weather. The cage had a wire bottom.

    When the sister brought Chance to be surrendered, she and her husband were in a state of shock over the other ferrets having bedding. They kept saying “Look at all the soft stuff honey” to each other. They had to come in and make sure the shelter would provide the proper care for Chance and treat him correctly. (Don’t get me started on that one!) As shelter mom, I bit my tongue and could not wait to get my hands on that boy! I asked her if she brought some of his current food and she walked out to her car. She opened the hatch and there was a 30 lb (13.64 kg) bag of store brand cat food. She picked up a used, dirty soda cup from the floorboard of the car and scooped out a cup of the food. “This should last you a week or so. Is it enough?”

    Once they left, I did a quick assessment of his overall condition. He was somewhat dehydrated but not seriously. I placed him on the floor and he went straight to the water dish and drank. He was yellow and had dark brown patches and some type of sore on his neck. His nails had not been trimmed in a very long time. His ears were black and I knew he probably had ear mites. His teeth were rather yellow but surprisingly had no tartar buildup. I reluctantly offered him some of his regular food (being extremely careful to not get any of the kibble that had touched the cup) and a bowl of Totally Ferret. He sniffed at his regular food and then gorged himself on Totally Ferret. I tossed the cat food out immediately. After a day of grooming his nails and ears, we were off to the vet. The sore on his neck was a mast cell tumor he managed to dig out scratching with his long nails. He did have ear mites -- bad. Overall his general health looked good and the vet believed him to be around 2 to 3 years old. That evening, Chance received a bath which helped remove some of the grime from living outside. We had to change his bath water several times. Eventually we gave up changing the water and just washed him under the faucet. He seemed to enjoy all the attention.

    I listed Chance for adoption as a marked white. He had some “markings” on his tail and face. After a month or so of good food, soupie, comfortable living conditions, and lots of TLC, we realized Chance was a DEW (dark eyed white). He had no clue what a toy was when he came into shelter. He soon discovered rattle toys and loved them. His Santy Paws from the 2008 Giving Tree gave him a box of goodies. Chance knew right away these were for him! He got a small stuffed puppy and kitten that he would not sleep without. He adored his new blue blanket. If anyone or another ferret tried to take his new toys or snuggle into his blanket, he turned into a hissing ball of fluff!

    On December 21, 2008 Chance began the first leg of his journey to his forever home. His new family waited on him a long time while receiving updates via email and pm’s. Lots of pictures were sent to his new Mom. We will miss our little boy but are thrilled to know he will never again endure the previous life he had. Thank you Aly for giving him the love and home he deserves.
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    I have always wanted Ferrets. They are so cute. I have always heard that they are pretty high maintence but that isn't why I haven't gotten them. It's the lack of space inside my house. I have more land for outside animals so I've always though it wouldn't be fair to get a ferret. Maybe when my kids are older and hopefully move out. I bet they're a riot to watch play.
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    You are making me cry!!! [​IMG]

    I miss my Ms. Chief (sable) and my Weazel (silver) so badly. Weazel was an abused rescue we were sure might not make it when we got him... He was also pretty old and we thought if we were lucky he'd have 6mos to a year left in him. He lived another 2 1/2 years and died in 2006 from age in his sleep.

    Ms. Chief was only 3 then and become extremely lonely with him gone. We were in an 800 sq ft apartment and I was having a baby so we found her a home with a family in a similiar situation, with a ferret all alone needing a friend.

    I've been so sad without ferrets in my life. We just don't think with a young child its a good idea. Maybe when my daughter is older we'll get another pair.
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    Apr 9, 2008
    Mine are all rescues too. YAY for Ferrets. Though they can be a pain in my chicken feed they always make me laugh and i wouldnt have it any other way. and i commend u for rescuing as many as u have. I really wish they were legal here in Cali and i could rescue more and help more. sigh. but till then i do what i can. here are my carpet sharks and their stories.

    This is Iwa. She was my first ferret and the most sweetest u could have. Her energy level was in the middle and she always gave ferret kisses. I got her when she was about 4 mos. dingy, skinny, and non social. but she turned out perfect. She came with a sister in the same condition tho the other was a biter, and a friend/tech took her but kept close so i always knew what was going on. Her name was Issie. Both came from a "ferret Mill" in NV. I guess they breed ferrets for petstores and dont treat them well so a ferret rescue found out and got most of them. I found out from a friend and they smuggled them into cali for me. hehe.


    Alas Iwa is across the rainbow bridge and i miss her ferret kisses.

    Next Is Mosely. My Chunky Monkey and the begining of "SUGAR HIGH". She is crazy. always into everything but grounded. she is the thief of the bunch and could probably eat everyone. She kicks everyone out of the sleepign bags and hammocks mostly because no one else will fit so they just sleep on top of her. Mosely was not well when i got her. She was yellow and had very long nails i had no idea what color she was. Its amazing to think she was so bony and thin then. maybe shes making up for it now. She always makes me laugh and i think tho she has made a friend out of pudge she was very affected from missing her friend Iwa.


    *censor--dont worry the can is empty. haha i would never give them soda haha. she has a thing for only dr pepper cans.


    heres a pic of Iwa and Mosely together when we got Mosely. u can c how yellow Mosely was then. Mosely was so happy snuggling up with another fuzzie.

    Pudge: Not much to say about pudge. he lives to sleep and steal my cats food. sigh.


    But after i thought i would never have ferret kisses again. I got a call from Issies owner saying they could no longer care for her and being Iwa's sister i snatched her up immediately.
    So Issie came to live with us. She is so much trouble haha even more than Mosely. Shes a climber!! and a garbage diver, ugh. But this is my ferret family they are broken and small but still good ya still good.

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    I had a ferret for 8 years when I was younger. Steven wants one so badly and I just can't afford to buy it right now, so hopefully after taxes!
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    I have 3, I got Breeze as a baby from a petstore, she was so tiny and puny, there were much nicer looking babies there, but I thought she needed me more. She's deaf. She turned 4 in November.

    Then last year I had someone offer me a pair of male ferrets, she had gotten them for her kids and found out her daughter was badly allergic to them. They were 6 months and 11 months.
    This one is the younger one, Zoom,

    Can't seem to find a pic of Ah Choo, he's a sable. Zoom was my big boy (doesn't he look like a possum?), but over the winter Ah Choo has really bulked up and Zoom has slimmed down some.

    They are very fun and entertaining pets, but they do smell and my boys are not house broke.
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    I had the pleasure of watching a ferret at work in England last month. They were using it to get rabbits and rats out of the warrens.
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    I did have 4 ferrets at one time or another but they all developed cancer over the course of time, my oldest and first ferret carter lived to be 8. I loved having them but with the dogs and cats and torts I just can't maybe someday again. I was just too heartbreaking as I lost them all within a year of each other.
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    They're so darn cute, they look so NAUGHTY! [​IMG]
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    Apr 9, 2008
    Quote:awww im so sorry. This is one of the reasons why i changed from rats to ferrets. I couldnt take the heartbreak of only having my wonerful critter for two yrs then they dying of all the diff cancers. But then again i moved to ferrets who too get adrenal disease and carcinoma tumors etc but vets appear to want to take the time to treat them and they do live longer. My heart goes to all those who have lost their fuzzies. Ur tnever the same without them.

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