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    Apr 4, 2008
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    I wanted to get a photo of me with my new BYCU Tee Shirt, that I got with the $20.00 gift for the winning the Chicken Coop contest a while back. But... I haven't gotten around to setting up that photo.

    But.. this weekend my husband rented a Harley and we took a drive up a local mountian for fun.

    Here is a photo from yesterday up on Mt. Lemmon with me in my BYCU Tee Shirt.

    Now... for some explanation as to how my husband is dressed...

    Before he gave his life to the Holy One, he was an Outlaw Biker. For grins he got out his old biker garb for this weekend.

    I posted these photos of him on another message board.

    These are what he used to look like "back in the day"

    And this is the fellow he is today

    Some real transformation took place back in March of 1986!!
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    I was looking at the picture at first thinking "Why would he have to rent a Harley? He looks like a seasoned rider!" It was neat to read the whole story and see all of the pictures!
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    May 14, 2008
    That was one of the nicest wedding photo's I have seen from the the place it was taken to the two of you. It all came together in that photo- which I suppose is what getting married is all about in the first place. Very nice story to go along with everything. Keystonepaul

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