My Calico Mille fluer had an impacted crop, I did surgery! (PICTURES)


9 Years
Sep 30, 2010
Elgin, Tx
I have to tell you I pray I never have to do this again. My Beautiful little Calico Mille Fleur wasn't doing well, I picked her up to discover her crop was the size of a golf ball or a little bigger and just as hard. I tried the olive oil...that didn't work....I did the massage....that didn't work..I knew if I didn't get what was in there out she would surely die....SURGERY! WHAT DID I HAVE TO LOOSE. So, I took an small razor blade and cut through her skin into her crop about the size of a penny....the smell was horrible...and what I pulled out would have gagged a maggot....I gagged. I used tweezers and pulled out coastal hay strands and strands of it, along with feed, little whole Milo, I cleaned her crop out as good as I could without hurting her more ( I PRAY)...

Here is a picture of her after surgery, a picture of what I got out of her (nasty) and a picture of her surgery wound.
Please pray for "Hayden" I just gave her a name...she earned it...I will keep you posted. ~Charm1704
I closed her wound, after cleaning it..with New Skin...please pray for her recovery...

wow! What was she thinking eating that hay?!? Anyway, now she should get back to normal.....Just give her some yogurt and applesauce for the next few days with plenty of water with electrolytes and she should be as good as new! Hugs to you....I HATE IT WHEN THEY GET SICK!
UP DATE: It is now 10:32pm ( about 5 hrs. after surgery) and she is eating very small pieces of apple and bread soaked in olive oil and milk and she is drinking a little water....THAT'S A GOOD SIGN. THANK YOU, GOD!
. ~CHARM1704
Sounds like she is on the road to recovery! I have my fingers crossed for you and hope she bounces back to full health!
UP-DATE.....She's doing great eating apple, steamed veggies and dog food I soak in feed yet, I don't think she's ready for grains yet....~CHARM1704

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