My caretakers are so good to me!

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  1. I had knee surgery on Friday afternoon. (nothing big) When I got home and got my wits about me, I asked DH to set my chair in the pen with the girls and Bird. I missed them! well, he did and ran as Bird chased him out of his pen. I sat down and sighed a sigh of relief. Kicked my leg up on a pillow and had a glass of iced tea. my older girls came around me really cautious. head sideways, slowly, etc. Gee, see where I am in their line of love..... [​IMG]

    the 4 new babies came a running as quick and their little feeties would take them. "MOMMA MOMMA MOMMMMMMMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAA R U OK???" you know how FUNNY it is to see a 13 week old Cochin run at you as fast as she can????? OMG.. it was precious. and, up they came. all 4 of them right up on my and my bandages. glad they do not weigh a lot yet.!!!!

    cassidy.... luvs me... hates the ice pack though.


    Princess picks at it as well. Glad she is still lightweight.

    My caretakeers.. such good girls
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    Sep 2, 2010
    Dutchess County, NY
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    May 11, 2010
    Aw, how sweet!
  4. teach1rusl

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    They love their momma!!! [​IMG] Nothing heals you quicker than some good ol chicken therapy [​IMG]
  5. [​IMG] isn't that true!!!??? i am ever so careful as well that it stayed clean, and nothing got near it. such sweeties! [​IMG] [​IMG] Today, Bird jumped up on my lap, pecked at my shirt and dug around on my shorts. Then he sat down ni my lap. ah... that's my boy.
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    This is the cutest! <3
    Hope you are doing well! My neighbor lady friend moved to the other side of town and she's had both of her knees done in the past year. I know it can get frustrating!
    Glad you have your girls...the image of the cochin running at you full force is just too cute. >_<
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    hope all heals well and soon!! awesome girls - and the thought of your baby cochins running "waddling" as fast as they can, precious!! I have 4 baby cochins running and they are my favorite
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    Hope your knee is feeling better soon - looks like you are in good hands. [​IMG]
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    I think it is funny that your DH got run out. Hope you heal fast and get back on your feet. Until then spend the moments with the girls.
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    Your post made my day!! [​IMG] Feel better soon. Thanks so much for sharing this!

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