My CherryEgger hen has a limp


10 Years
Sep 24, 2009
Hillbilly from West Vir-ginny
I have a hen that has a limp. When you watch her walk, her right leg seems to turn in as if she is pigeon toed. She can walk, run (hop) with no problem and doesnt seem to be bothered by it. Sge rambles with the other birds and shows no outward signs of distress. Needless to say...her nickname is Hoppy.... She is also my favorite hen because she seems to have the most personality. She will eat out of my hand, and rare her head up and come to me like she wants to fight. She will peck, but doesnt try to flog. She eats well and seems to basically be in excellent condition. I have looked at her feet and can see no visible signs of injury.
When we first got the birds one or two got out and my son and wife had to catch them. I know he had one hemmed up in the fence when he caught her. There was no major problem reported at the time.... Thoughts?
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