My chick is becoming a pecker (haha couldnt resist)


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May 24, 2011
Hi all... First I wanted to say how much I am learning from reading all the posts! And Im getting quite a few laughs as well
Heres my question: I have 4 Barred Rock chicks. Im guessing they are about 5 weeks old. (some remaining fuzz on their heads, but the rest is feathered). There is one who has always been the most curious in the bunch. Whenever I go near them shes always the one looking up at me and I guess I could say responsive. She also pecks at everything, like a curious peck. Now she has started to peck me when I reach in to get the food bowl. (i should mention they are in a big plastic tub at this point). When we remove them to clean their tub, she is always the hardest to get, and runs like the wind. The rest are more docile. Someone has said I hope you dont have a rooster there, and I am hoping not too (especially after the posts of terrorist roos). I was guaranteed by the feed store that they were all pullets. They had 5 seperate that were male. Im sure mistakes happen though. She looks exactly like the others at this point. so heres the question: how can I make sure i dont have a chicken who will boss us around? I have been holding them less because she is a pain, so its def changing my behavior already. Thanks!!!
Your description of your "pecker" could also describe a little EE I have. She's always sticking her beak in everyone else's business. But Flo's pecking is no longer a laughing matter, as she's on her way to balding the flock.

You might be able to head off a potentially serious problem if you will consistently reprimand your "pecker" when she does this. You do it by simulating the behavior of another chicken by pecking her back. You do this by poking her sharply with your index finger every time she pecks you. You're signally to her it's not a great idea to peck you.

If she doesn't get the message and you start to notice feathers missing on the others, you're then dealing with a feather picking problem.
Thanks so much! I will try that right away. I havent seen her peck the other chicks, (yet) she pecks at them if they are annoying her, but they all do that. yesterday, when I gave them a couple raspberries, she tried to get it away from one of the others. They pecked back at her and she took off. So, im hoping that your suggestion will work. Not sure if anyone knows the show iCarly, but there are two girls on there...ones a "bad" girl and the other sweet. My 7yr old daughter named that chick Sam, after the bad girl. Thanks for the gonna go try it now when I feed them .
haha... my chicks peck me all the time, not like 'grrrr!! I HATE YOU!!!' they are pecking at my freckles, thinking they are food, it doesn't hurt and I find it hilarious!!!

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