My chick is gasping for air and stomach is making weird noises

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    I have a chick that is suddenly gasping for air. I separated her and tried to give her some sugar water. She's very weak and can't stand or hold her wings. This just started a couple hours ago. What else do I do?! They have had 1 round of save-a-chick electrolytes and probiotics in the water. All other chicks seem okay for now. I just lost a chick this morning because of it's gasping for air! What do I do? What can I do? and what antibiotics do I need to get from the vet if it is a bacteria?

    I picked her up to hold her and then she seemed comfortable and heard her stomach noises ( which sounded like grinding rocks going through her intestinal system). I took a picture of her poop just because it looked different than usual.


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    This could be because you have shavings in your brooder called cedar shavings? These make it hard for them to breath therefore gasping

    Do you use these shavings if so replace them with large pine shavings immediately!

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    How old are they? Gasping and droopy wings are typical if a chick is weak and possibly dying. Many times when you get chicks from a feed store or through the mail they may exhibit signs of shipping stress, usually fromdehydration or cold temperatures they have endured. The best thing to do is to give them electrolyte water, as much as you can get rhem to take by dipping their beaks, and letting them swallow. Make sure they are warm, but have a cooler spot to escape to if they are too warm. Check their vents for pastiy butt when droppings plug up their plumbing, and keep it cleaned off. I hope that you can save the rest. This is not bacterial, but just give electrolyte water as often as you can until they are acting better.

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