My Chicken Amazed Me This Morning!!


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May 24, 2016
Athens, Texas
I have a flock of 6 pullets - 3 barred rocks and 3 black sex links, all 20 weeks old. Copper, a BSL, laid her first egg two days ago. This morning, I heard her sing the "egg song" three times and each time I checked... no egg. She looked a little uneasy/frantic. There is some really loud, disturbing construction noise next door, and I thought it could be scaring her. When I walked back to the next boxes, she followed right behind me and jumped in the nest. It would bother her if the other pullets got too close to her, so I just stood in front of her box and kept the others at bay. She immediately settled down and laid a beautiful little egg right in front of me. It's like she needed my protection from all the sound and commotion. I guess I'm officially the Mama RooHen!! (And yes, I sang the "egg song" with her after she laid!)

Me and Copper, a super sweet chicken!
Thank you! I've been smiling all day... such a gift Copper is!

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