My chicken has 2 lame feet


Oct 17, 2015
Nampa, ID

I hope this is the right place to post my question and concerns.

I have a RIR/Wyandotte mix, and i noticed 1 days ago, that the poor thing was limping on one foot. Today, when i went out to check on my flock, he was now lame in both feet. I have checked his legs for breaks or sprains and did t feel anything unusual. Also, his feet are not warm or hot to the touch.

He is still eating and drinking and will actually stand on this two curled feet.

I have been reading many different topics and articles regarding this, but am still confused and quite concerned.

Any advice tips or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you Reba

I have posted some pictures of little whites feet



I would put him on poultry vitamins including riboflavin (vitamin B2,) since riboflavin deficiency can cause curled toe paralysis. He has something going on that is neurological. It could be the vitamin deficiency, but Mareks disease might also be a possibility. If you have B Complex, nutritional yeast, or another form of riboflavin, I would start it until you get the poultry vitamins. What type of feed are you using?
Currently they are eating complete layer16 crumble. I also give them some oatmeal as a treat since its been so cold.

I will go get the vitamins tomorrow. If this is Mareks, do i need to put him down? I really hope it isnt as he is so sweet!
No, you should not put him down, especially since it may not be Mareks at all. I would give the vitamins, and make sure that he is eating and drinking normally. Hopefully the riboflavin will help.

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