My chicken has a dirty butt


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I have a buff orpington that has a really dirty butt. The rest of my chickens are black, so I'm not sure about their butts. These chickens were not handled when they were little, so they don't like me to get very close. Will it hurt her to have a nasty butt, or can I just leave it alone?
Go out at night, take her off the roost and see what is going on... use a flashlight if you need to see better up close and personal.
just got over this with Matilda one of my chickens,she had a touch of diarrea(always spell that wrong) and her butt was really dirty,got hubby to hold her while i cleaned off what i could with warm water and then i trimmed all the dirty stuck together feathers off her butt,it worked a treat soon started regrowing new feathers and she was soon laying again(she had stopped laying eggs)
My hen passes out if i clean her butt she as a limp on her right side when she walks don't understand. she is still alive and the one that was very pretty with soft feather and not a single feather out of place died last night. the rest of them seem happy and running around really active. Don't understand the dead one. Looking for a fix on the dirty butt one. They do run in a pin with peoneys but they have been with them for the last 3 years. I started with 12, till this morning i has 5 rosters and 25 hens. Did loss a hen last Aug. found dead in the morning inside the coop. Seem 21/2 and 3 years is to young for a chicken to die?
Sometimes, it is surprising how they will calm down in a nice dishpan of warm water. It is possible with a firm hold to give a chicen a bath and wash their dirty behind. Then dry with an old towel. ( a little dish soap or shampoo or pet shampoo if really soiled and a good rinse.)

Somehow when their legs are in warm water...mine zone out and think that they are getting the spa treatment.

Then..... blot dry and let them run in the sun----and before long they are back to fluffy clean
Same here. Finally got rid of the problem. I gave the buffs o's away yesterday. I have enough around here to do and don't need to be washing chickens. Don't have the time.
My red sex links and my white EE had mud butt. I decided to treat the cause, I put a garlic clove in their drinking water for several days and that took care of it. It has been at least 4 weeks and has not returned so far.

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