My chicken has passes a large lump [graphic pics]

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  1. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 28, 2010
    My chicken has not been laying for a few days and I noticed the other chickens where after her bum they pecked her and made her bleed. So I grabbed her and put her by herself to rest. I thought she was egg bound which I can usually sort out but having gone to her nest box today there was this huge lump laying there which is solid flesh with like a yellow tube attached to it which looks like she has cut it off. Needless to say I thought this was gross and nearly threw up. I have taken a picture of it from both sides but not sure how to upload it. I am guessing this is a growth of some kind?? She seems okay she is eating and drinking and walking around as normal.
    Any advice would be great.
    I am thinking if it is a growth it will probably come back?
  2. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 28, 2010
    Managed to get the pictures uploaded.x Oh the size of the lump is approx 2inch x 1inch[​IMG][/img]
  3. Whitehouse Quail

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    Jul 1, 2009
    Could be a diseased ovary that she had to get rid of? That's what I've heard these things are....
  4. Enchanted Sunrise Farms

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    Apr 26, 2007
    Fair Oaks, California
    OMG! [​IMG]

    i don't know what to tell you. Hope someone else has an idea.
  5. Catstar68

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    Sep 7, 2009
    Franklinton, NC
    How old is she? It certainly looks like a diseased ovary. Possible the ligaments dissolved and freed it up to be passed. Can you cut it open and post some more pictures? Maybe put a quarter next to it for scale.
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  6. chicmom

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    Feb 24, 2009
    Strasburg Ohio
    HOLY MACKEREL! [​IMG] I have heard that sometimes a hen will pass a bit of their intestines that sort of "sluff off", but that thing is HUGE! I hope somebody comes along to identify it.......and I had thought I'd seen it ALL!

    Poor gal! Maybe she'll be fine.....Best wishes to her!
  7. Chickenmaven

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    Feb 6, 2009
    We recently lost a hen about 2 weeks after she passed something like that. I have since read that they can have reproductive issues that are terminal and one cannot treat it. However, I ALSO read that they can get infections as a result of those issues. I wish I had tried isolating my hen & giving her antibiotics.

    Keep an eye on your girl! [​IMG]
  8. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 28, 2010
    Thank you for your replies. My hen is about 2 half years old (hybrid type). I will keep an eye on her and see what happens. Sorry about the gross picture but I could not believe it. Not sure about cutting it in half to look at the contents Catstar68 don't know if my stomach would take it:sick
    I have put it in the bin for now so my hubby did not see it as he would probably be sick, due to the fact he has a raging tooth ache at the moment.
    If I get brave I will have another look at it tomorrow (maybe).
  9. suzannaski

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    May 31, 2009
    It's like a horror flick. I'm totally grossed out but I can't stop looking at it. Where are you located? Maybe one of us with a strong stomach can cut it open. Maybe not.
    Does it smell?
    I'm completely amazed.

    Try this website, but not right after eating:
    I think you should be able to search around for other pics that might more closely resemble that "thing".
    I agree that it looks like a diseased ovary, but how the heck do they pass them?
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  10. sweetcandy

    sweetcandy Out Of The Brooder

    Jul 28, 2010
    Here guy's I have done it reluctantly
    What the hell is this?
    I have put a golf tee next to it to show the size.
    That is is now I am putting it in the bin for good,bye bye grossness.
    Does this look like an ovary to you? I would say no????

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