My chicken has white crusty stuff on her face!

Oct 24, 2018
CC410D6E-12F5-4292-872A-E6CA38BFC780.jpeg E256BB8A-D215-4471-BE6F-90FB56F6D08B.jpeg D86A2576-0B23-4CB7-BDDE-CE126BFB819B.jpeg 9AAA453E-D3D0-4BC2-BF8E-240CC58F0EDA.jpeg Hi, so a few weeks ago my therapy chicken came down from her loft with hard white crusty stuff on her face! So what I did is I got it all off with oil and she look normal except her face was pale (her comb and wattle was normal color). The next day it was all back again so I did the same thing and got it all off but it came back after three days! And it has been going on like this for about two months or so now. Btw she hasn’t been eating as much as she used to and she isn’t as active anymore as much but she still loves her dirt bathes! But everything else seems fine with her. If someone could help that would be AMAZING!!!!! Thanks. In the Pictures she is much better it got to the point once where she could barely see and there were bubbles in her eyes and she could barely see A THING!


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She may have either a fungus (favus) or scaly face mites on her face. It also sounds like she may have mycoplasma (MG,) a respiratory disease that can cause eye bubbles, a sunken eye, conjunctivitis, and sinus infection.

For favus, some use antifungal creams (monistat, or lotrimin) or coconut oil. For scaly facial mites, I think that ivermectin pour-on can be used on the back of the neck.

For mycoplasma (MG,) some use Tylan50 injectable given orally 1/4 ml per pound given 2-3 times a day for up to 5 days. Denagard, tetracycline, and some others can also be used instread. Terramycin eye ointment from the feed store may be helpful twice a day.

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