My chicken has yellow pasty poop and a droopy butt

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    May 4, 2009
    Our chicken has not looked so good the past week and the last couple of days she has been having yellow pasty poop. She also has a droopy butt. Also, she has trouble walking because she seems to have trouble holding her wings up. She is a year old barred rock.
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    When a chicken holds its wings out it is often a sign of pain, likewise with a droopy tail over a period of time. Now, your task is to locate the origins, and since she has been ill for a week, you need to act fast.

    First, do the droppings resemble egg albumin or yolk, or is it otherwise?

    Is she a layer and is there any sign that she is having trouble passing an egg? If so, she should be offered isolation, and either a shallow warm belly bath or heat applied dry in the form of electric heating pad or hot water bottle, shielded with rags and towels. Sometimes if a hen is eggbound the heat will assist in expanding the chute and letting the mass be expelled. If she has been like this for a while, there is a chance she has an infection called peritonitis, and you should be wearing latex gloves and dispose of all materials in a hygienic way. If you notice pieces of shell these can be removed gently so as not to cut her vent or inner membranes. Of course this may not be the cause. Please return and let us know.

    Is she bobbing/weaving her head, is her crop expanded? Is she ruffled and trying to be alone? This might be signs of impaction.

    Whatever the cause, she would benefit from electrolytes in her water and close observation away from the flock so you can quickly ascertain what is wrong. Please assume it might be infectious and act accordingly.
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