My chicken run is done!! Thanks to Froggi's awesome plans! PICS!

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    I'd been searching this forum like a madwoman looking for the perfect (meaning easy to make and move and affordable supplies) chicken run/tractor plans and I ran across Froggi VanRiper's awesome home-made run/coop. Here's the page for the plans:

    I can't believe how wonderfully detailed the plans were! So easy to follow and my mom and I were able to do the run ourselves! [​IMG]

    It cost about $50 to build (I think), but we do have to spend a bit more to finish it off. We are going to buy some plywood to make a real door this weekend or next week and I want to add some wheels to one end at some point.

    Here is a pic of the finished run

    If you want to see how we built it, I did a write-up on my blog about it today. You can see the step-by-step pics here if you want (although Froggi's page is much more detailed - see link above). [​IMG]

    Easy to build. Not too pricey. Not heavy at all. YAYAYAY!!![​IMG]

    I'm so glad my little chicks have some place to play in the daytime now.
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    Nice looking hoop run. I'm going to do something like that on a larger scale so I can rotate them through the garden plot between seasons.. Who needs weed killer when they can obliterate stuff.

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