My Chicken Stopped Laying Eggs Why?


May 17, 2017
Long Island, New York
Last February I rescued what I was told was a 1 year old Red Sex link. After her rehabilitation, she laid an egg a day starting from April. She was like an egg laying machine. One morning in June she did not look well. When I came home from work, she was back to her normal self. No eggs for a few days. Then a series of very small eggs. Then a soft egg that was hanging out of her and I had to lube it and she pooped it out. Hasn't laid an egg since. She is so healthy and happy. Full of feathers like a big red puff. She is often in the coop, but I find nothing. Almost like she wants to lay an egg. I am hoping that maybe when the spring comes she will start again. Any ideas? I don't think she is old, because she would not have laid an egg a day for such a long period of time after she recovered.


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Jul 16, 2015
Unfortunately sex links are prone to reproductive problems, and cancers. I would recommend feeding a higher protein ration because in my experiences sex links become deficient fed a layer ration with 16% protein. I personally recommend at least 18-22% protein. Always keep a separate bowl of oyster shells for the calcium needs. Sex links can also burn out younger than other breeds.

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