My chicken was attacked by my dog!

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  1. sweetchickie

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    Jan 31, 2012
    We recently acquired 3 new beautiful and very gentle chickens - great layers and very friendly. We have two others that have been more aloof and the dog never bothered them. We've only had the new chickens one week and Sadie the dog has been very weird acting with them as they wander into the yard and the other ones never did. Well Sadie, went to their coop area today and attacked Rosie the chicken and stripped her of alot of her wing feather and there is some slight puncture wounds and shes bit up on her backside - feathers were everywhere and when I discovered the chicken she was laying on her side kicking her leg....I thought she was dying. I picked the chicken up carefully and brought her into the house and immediately washed her wounds with warm water and put her in a quiet warm area in the back of the house - I put peroxide on her wounds and then iodine diluted spray solution....We were going to give her some antibiotic (penicillin), but my gut instinct was to wait until tomorrow. She ingested a small dropper of sugar water but I dont think she is eating. What are her chances of survival and what else can I do to ensure her the best recovery?? I'm concerned about pain as well - many thanks! Sweetchickie

  2. I have no advice but I am sorry I bet your feeling awful. I hope you get some sleep and she recovers quickly
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    One of my young pullets was attacked by my dog. I did not think she would pull through - she just wanted to lay on her side. The next morning she was up and about like she had never been attacked. You just never know what a good nights sleep will do. Good luck with her and keep up posted.
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    This would get more attention from the correct forum, in Diseases/Injuries/Cures, I would ask a mod to move it if possible!
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    If she survives the night she'll probably be okay. You've already cleaned the wounds well so just put a triple antibiotic ointment WITHOUT PAIN MEDS on the wounds at least twice a day. I'd keep her separate, quiet and WARM. I use a heating pad. This is important to help her recover from shock. Don't bother her any more tonight. If she was in the coop she'd be roosting all night.

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    Jan 9, 2012
    Sorry to hear about Rosie but the Sadie was doing what comes natural. It’s very hard, if not impossible, for some dogs to overcome their natural predator instinct. If it runs, it’s prey!
    I have a 3 year old Yellow Lab that is the gentlest, friendliest dog I’ve ever known, but if he was to get a hold of the chickens they’d be goners. He sits at attention at the door of the chicken run and watches their every move. I have surrounded the run with straw bales to keep him from harassing them on all sides. He can only see the chickens from the door and it’s easy for them to stay clear of that area. He doesn’t bark or growl, he just stares.
    I have only had the chickens (5 Rhode Island Red hens) for around a month. The dog may calm down in time but I don’t think I would ever trust him with them.

    I hope Rosie recovers
  7. sweetchickie

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    Jan 31, 2012
    thank u - thats a good idea regarding the hay bales - the chickens are free roamers and Rosie got too close to the gate - she is doing better today - I just dont know if I need to give her a shot of penicillin or not - I've cleaned her up again with warm water and doused her with the iodine spray...she took 3 droppers of water but dont think shes eating- I think her neck is too injured to bend....My husband is getting some meal worms today and I thought I would mush one up in some water and hand feed her through the dropper. any other ideas/
  8. sweetchickie

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    Jan 31, 2012
    Rosie survived the night - I cleaned her up again and sprayed the iodine solution all over and patted her gently - she was standing up this morning - I gave her 3 droppers of water but shes not eating - I will try mushed up meal worms and water today if that is a good idea....please advise.....I kept her in a warm kennel in our garage - put a nice heating device near her that was very safe and she seems to be better. I was just wondering if i needed to give her a shot of penicillin. My husband measured it all out last night and diluted the small amount in water, but I thought better of giving her the shot last night and wanted to wait until today to see if she felt feverish - she doesnt. but theres a big chunk bit out of her neck and her wings and totally bare and very marred. I'm so mad at my dog. She is chained up right now. I need to rememedy this so she doesnt have the chance to do it - we live on a 100 acres and the house is separated from the chicken coop area by a gate that the dog can get under - and the new chickens are so tame that they cross over and come into the yard - that is how this happened. Then Sadie chased the chicken from all evidence into the coop where she knows she is not supposed to go!! I'm at a loss of what to do to restrain SAdie. thanks for your help
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    My dog once got a hold of my Sussex and when I found her she looked like a plucked supermarket bird. She recovered fully. Read my blogpost about it to see what I did for her wounds. She went on to recover fully.

    Be very careful with wound cleaning. You don't want to damage the skin so it can't heal.

  10. Wondering how she is doing? Hope she is well.

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