My chicken's $300 vet bill: Article in today's


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Apr 17, 2009
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Totally interesting article about a woman whose backyard chicken grew ill, resulting in a trip to the vet's office. I'm sure many of us can relate.

For myself, I have 3 hens and I love the darn things, they are my pets. But if one of them grows ill, I will cry and then either put the critter down myself or take it to a vet to do the job. I can't afford $300 vet bills. If I could afford such vet bills I'd probably own a dog or two. TImes being as tight as they are it is annoying to me that I can't even afford a 'friend' in the form of a dog or cat.

My 3 hens are my feathered friends and they are also my entertainment committee. I have a huge livingroom picture window through which I can watch Colette, Adele and Babette-the-brat roam the back yard and terrorize what squirrels & neighborhood cats visit my yard.

Anyway, I loved the article and I think the writer did what was best for her and her family, and everyone else can either agree or go jump in the lake (read the article's comments, they're priceless & interesting, as usual).


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I have taken a rooster and a duck to the vet for health exams and health certificates to move them across country...the rooster was not pleased but it is what it is. I had a vet make a house call to check on one of my hens who was ill and suffering from a heart issue.

They are my pets and I will do what I can for them when I need to...but most things I treat at home.

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