My Chickens and ducks wont eat my barley fodder


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Sep 20, 2019
Hi all.
Ive just set up a wonderful solar pumped fodder system on the chook shed roof.
I am using barley and getting a great crop.

Now i have the most expensive eggs in australia. My wife feeds the ducks and chickens a mixture salads overnight soaked porridge/ oats and also other exotics like cut up watermellon. As well as thier chook feed seeds.

Now i believe our chickens are too well fed as they only pick the seeds out of my fodder and dont even touch the green or roots.

Is there another cost effective seed that chickens prefer?

Kayla's Lunch

Jun 9, 2018
It could be that they need to get used to it. It could also be that they prefer the other stuff you feed them so they are not hungry enough to eat the barley fodder. If you really want to them to eat it, feed it in the morning and nothing else. Feed the other things in the evening.

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