My Chickens are dying??

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  1. Jesso

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    Aug 17, 2012
    My chickens are 4 months old they very light in weight not growing good also loosing feathers there poop is a dark pink reddish in colour. Then they get weak and die. I have treated my chickens 2 months ago for 10 days it was cocidiosis. My birds where treated with amprolium. All proper cleaning was done; Birds had a nice dry barn. Why all of a sudden birds show symptoms of it again. I lost over half of my chicken, the adult birds stop laying but no symptoms. I am so sad so much lost and so many good birds. My work and money is gone. What to do I don’t know any more. ?? What can I treat them with?? It seem like the treatments never work. I lost some during the treaments and still loosing them after the treatments..???
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    Feb 11, 2012
    Hopefully someone here can help, so sorry to hear about your girls!!!!
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    I'm sorry you are going through this... what kind of chickens are they?
    Are their combs and wattles pale?
    Are they eating and drinking?
    Do they seem listless?
    I hope we can figure this out fast

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    This question should be moved to emergencies board. Hopefully it can be answered there.
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    You might consider necrotic enteritis and look at the information to see if it matches what you are seeing. Also some vets will do a fecal test for a small fee, and can check for cocci in the poo.

    If it is coccidiosis again, then they need to be treated again. I have had to treat a couple of times, twice. But the time between treatments was only several days, not months as in your case.

    I hope you can find the answer!

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