My chickens are eating there eggs

I heard someone here on BYC once say that they took an egg and put a hole in each end and blew out the insides while keeping the egg intact. They then put Tobassco sauce in the egg and placed it back in the nest. Worth a try.
If you feed the shells back to the girls theY should be crushed up so they don't recognize them as eggs. Are your egg shells hard? Are they getting enough calcium? Can you tell which one is eating the eggs?
Welcome to BYC, glad to have you here. Good luck with the egg eaters.
Do you have enough nest boxes? If they feel there are too many using the same one, they will eat some eggs

Ask me how I know

I swear, 40 chickens trying to use two nest boxes when THERE ARE SIX in the coop just does not work
i had this problem also and thought my birds were cracking their eggs and eating them....i waas wrong my hens were laying soft eggs...if you dont have any oyster shell you need to get some and mix it with their feed....i had a chicken who kept laying these eggs and they kept eating them but first day i put the oyster shell in...the next day i had an intact egg....hope it helps
I had this problem and put golf balls in the nests: problem solved. I can imagine that a few pecks at a golf ball is a powerful disincentive for egg eating.

We also feed them kitchen scraps. I read somewhere that they can get bored, leading to eating their eggs.

This strikes me as odd: fascinating as they are, they only slightly smarter than the average maple leaf; but I have to entertain them?

No problem. First thing in the morning I'm out there with my guitar and we have a sing-along. Then it's book club time, followed by ping pong (those three toes are surprisingly good at gripping a ping pong paddle).

At nap time, I read to them from the Iliad -- or, sometimes, if they're tired, The Incredible Journey, and after some charades I'm off to work. Usually late, of course, but it's worth it.

But really, the golf ball thing did work.

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