My chickens are pecking her!

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    Sep 28, 2015
    I have recently got two new bantam silkie chickens and I want to add them to my 2 sex-link chickens, 1 Rhode island red rooster and 1 lemon leghorn orpington. 1 of my sex-link is broody, so she is not a problem. My other sex-link is pecking on the two new silkies when ever I put them in the run. The rooster joins in on pecking the silkies when the sex-link pecks them. I have tried putting up distractions, and even putting the silkies in a makeshift area next to my regular hens run so they could see eachother but not get to eachother. But I cant have two seperate runs for them becauseI am constantly traveling. Does anybody have any suggestions? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    You may not want to hear this but it may not be worth the trouble to try to integrate them unless you have a lot of space.

    I posted this in your other thread.
    It may never work. Silkies are especially prone to bullying because they're docile, timid and have poor vision. Then adding two small birds to an established flock is a recipe for disaster. RIRs are bullies in a mixed flock.
    They're seen as outsiders. Outsiders are a threat the health of the flock and they want to drive them away or kill them.

    Sorry. If they were bigger faster birds it may be a different story.

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