My chickens don't go up on the roost at night.....

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    Jul 15, 2009
    OK, like I said, my chickens don't go up on the roost at night. We have 24 that are 10 weeks old. They have been in their coop for about 4 weeks. We put the main roost about 6 feet off the ground with another roost about 3 feet off the ground under it. The main roost is about 9 feet long and the lower one is about 5 feet long. We have a "ladder" for them to climb. The ladder is a 6 inch wide plank with rungs on it every couple of inches. The ladder is attached at the end of the roosts.

    The first couple of days my husband put them up on the top roost and everyone stayed there till morning. Then not a week into it, everyone had started putting themselves to bed. Now the last week he goes out and only half of them are in bed. Most of the chickens that have gone to bed are on the top roost, but a couple go to the bottom one. Then some of them are squatted down and nesting in the bedding. He has been putting these to bed, but we noticed that as we are leaving the coop, one or two of them are coming back down the ladder. If they use both roosts, there is plenty of room for them, so that souldn't be the issue.

    So, all that information to ask this... I notice that there is some congestion at the top of the ladder is this possibly discouraging the chickens on the ground from going to bed? Should we move the ladder or even possibly add another ladder? Do we need to figure out another roost? Is this normal and my husband just needs to be the warden and make them know it's "lights out" time? Have we "spoiled" them and they like being put up on the roost?

    Being new to chickens, I just don't know what to expect for "normal" chicken behavior. So, thank you in advance for any help and insight you can give.
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    Well some of mine roost outside on the jungle gym rack,some on top of the pens and coop door,some on the inside rack and some still on the ground outside and in.[​IMG] I guess it just depends on the bird,they'll figure out where they want to be.I'm only concerned when the snow& rain comes that they move inside.[​IMG]
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    Aug 9, 2009
    I have a brooder/segregation box with chicks in the henhouse right now. My big girls are all bedding down next to the babies on the floor. I haven't discouraged that. I just felt they were bonding with the babies. I have lots of roosts.....I just figured they would sleep wherever they are most comfortable. Is roosting on a roosts super important? Should I be concerned?

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