My chickens don't like me anymore!


7 Years
Nov 7, 2012
I have several chickens, not all of them liked me, but at least most of them would snatch bread out of my hand. My two Americaunas and Rhode Island reds would squat down when I reached for them and let me pick them up to cuddle. But lately I have noticed they run away when ever I am near them, If I try to catch them they squak and run. If I finally catch them they flap and squak and scratch, They don't even come when I call anymore. I don't know whats happening. Can anyone help me? I would like to have them love me again, maybe even have my other chickens like me. I don't know what to do. I am in 4-H now and I can't even catch them anymore let alone hold them.
the only advice i can think of is to make sure to hold them for 10 min a day as well as giving them treats. it also depends on the age when they are between 10-15 weeks they get a little more skittish.... well at least my rooster did... anyway lol hope you luck!
well, in that case just spend time being around them, so that they don't think of you as a predetor, oh and treats!
good luck!
Make sure you do not chase them. It makes them scared and stressed. Sit down very calm and quiet and still and toss them treats you know they like. Be patient. If you work on it every day they will trust you again.
I don't know if anything spooked them. A chickens world doesn't involve much friendly touch once they reach a certain age. From what I've observed there is no affectionate touching going on between chickens. So, even though you mean them no harm trying to pet or pick them up, they don't get it.
Chickens that are raised with a lot of human touching seem to overcome what is natural to them and may enjoy or tolerate some touching. I think you need to start imprinting this upon them when they are very young before their chicken instincts take over.
My chickens don't like me to touch them at all. They will come when called, and run to me on their own sometimes; but will have no part of my reaching down to touch them. The exception being when they squat, then I can even pick them up.
I've found the best time for me to get away with touching them a little is right after they get on the roost at night. Even then I don't press my luck. I give them a quick little scratch and that's about all.
Buy bags of dried meal worms from your local farm store. You can find them in the wild bird food section. I tamed all 14 of my chickens to the point they come running and jump in my lap every time they see me. Even the two old ladies who were set in their ways and wanted NOTHING to do with me will now sit on my legs and eat worms from my hands and I can pick them right up. I make a point to feed some worms every day.
i found that when the hens weren't feeling well because it got suddenly hot, they avoided me bc they weren't feeling well and cuddling would make them extra hot and also they seemed scared and skittish of something and I noticed that once they feel scared of something, anything makes them jumpy and pretty unfriendly. the ideas of mealworms is great it's the chickens all time favorite treat, i get mine at walmart for pretty cheap and every time they see the purple bag they know what's coming and are thrilled, if you are around but don't force them they should come around again.

as far as the ones that never liked to cuddle that's just their personality and they most likely will never come around to cuddle but they will come to take treats,.

I worked out sound and hand signals to communicate with my chickens, they know when i'm asking for them to come and they know how to ask for a cuddle too... maybe you can start and they'll soon learn?

heres how friendly they can get when you have something they want!!

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