my chickens dont roost.

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by agnes_day, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. agnes_day

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    Aug 29, 2008
    i have yet to have chickens that would roost. is roosting a natural thing or is it something you have to teach them? they all sleep on the floor of their coop with the duck. i dont mind, and they are all as happy as larks, its just strange because my landladys chickens all roost every night. the ones i had last year didnt roost either so i think im doing something wrong.
  2. TXmom

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    Some of mine roost on the roost (YAY), some of them roost on the edge of the nest boxes [​IMG] and some cuddle together in a pile on the floor...I guess they each just do whatever they're comfortable with.

    You could try to pick them up and put them on the roost at night...they might get the idea. Or just leave them alone and let them sleep where they want...
  3. thechickenchick

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    Mar 8, 2008
    Eaton, Colorado
    My first batch would not roost. I went out about 3 nights in a row and put them on the roost. Finally the just did it on their own. After that the batches to follow have all roosted on their own. I have no idea why some do and some don't! [​IMG]
  4. agnes_day

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    Aug 29, 2008
    they freak out of i try to make them roost so i just threw extra hay down for them to borrow in. at least the duck isnt lonely that way! [​IMG]
  5. eggchel

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    Dec 26, 2006
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    Try putting them up on the roost after dark each night for a week and see if they start going there on their own.

    Silkies are a notable exception. Ive never got a single one to roost. LOL
  6. TXmom

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    Yep, my silkies and sizzle are definitely on the floor, but I have other chickens that like to cuddle with my EE's.

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