my chickens don't roost.


9 Years
Aug 2, 2010
It's very hot here so I can understand them not wanting to be in the coop but even when I provide places for them to roost, they prefer to pile up on teh ground. It's getting cooler here and they still pile on the ground!

I have 4 dark brahmas, one pullet, 3 cockerals. I'm going to have to do something about that obviously but for now they all get along fine. They are about 3 months old, not sure exactly but the are not small things. They go in their coop in the afternoon so I know that they are familier with it. I was shutting them up but have since quit doing that. My run is now impermialbe to all but the smaller things like rats so I don't bother. They didn't even roost when I put them in it, they just piled up in the litter!

I had a sawhorse in the run with a 2x4 under it suspended. I had it in the garden and they would roost there for a few moments taking a break from bug eating. ARe they just too young to roost?

After I get back from a trip I'm going to try and get some more hens while I still have the young roos. Then when they are all socialized I won't have to worry about lonely chickens.
Since they don't have anyone to show them, they may just be a little young. If you want, you could just starting putting them on the roost at night so they start to get the idea. Either way, instinct will probably kick in pretty soon.
It may well be their age, but not all my Brahmas roost, they are just too big to bother to fly up to the roost,


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