my chickens have migrated to my shop building


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Mar 6, 2011
Victoria tx
well the name says it all i think a predator came close to the pen and scared them now they wont sleep in there coop i made them
is there a way to get them to nest and sleep in it again and out of my shop building lol
Lock them in the coop for a few nights, either lock them up during the day where they go there on their own or move them at night.

In the meantime, modify your shop building where they cannot get in. Not always quick and easy, I know. It is quite possible that nothing scared them. They may just prefer your shop building.

I'm having to put up a wall in a shed, not because they sleep in there but because they hang out in there and the dust and poop is not good for the stuff in the shed.

Good luck!
Thanx for the help i locked most of them in there today I'm going to expand my coop for more hen houses soon hopefully that will like the new addition we are gping to buy 15 domineckers this week to add to what we have out of 15 chickens last year we lost only 5 so not to bad we had a mountain lion pass through last year with two cubs
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Wow I you were luckey I lost about thirty chickens to a big cat or cats several years ago. We had some big fires and there were a lot of displaced predators out and about. I heard her screaming in the canyon with a dog bark at the end. Pretty chilling stuff.

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