My chickens leg is injured.

Barbara kulig

Dec 13, 2018
So a cpl weeks ago I noticed my Goldy girl was hopping and only using one leg. My husband and I checked her and seen nor felt anything broken bones but as a precautionary I put a makeshift splint on her leg. I seperated her for 2 weeks and she still is from the other gals. I took off splint . Shes wanting to use leg she hobbles around and lightly uses it. IMy husband wont let me take our $2 Chicken to the Vet. Ive raised them from chics. I am too attached and cannot just kill her. I love my girls. She still eats and drinks and chatters with the seperated girls. I let her out to move around but shes only using her leg lightly . What should I do ??


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Apr 3, 2011
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Do you see anything with the leg such as swelling or an enlarged joint, bruising or a scrape? Any scabs on a foot? Pictures and videos are welcome. Can you tell if it is the foot, lower or upper leg or hip? Videos have to be posted to YouTube with a link posted here.



Sep 26, 2015
Portland OR
Breaks higher up can be very hard to detect. Keeping her on a non-slip surface an relatively immobilized (crate with a rubber mat) for 3 weeks can do the trick. Bones tend to knit back together however they can. It's possible she'll limp the rest of her life. I've got one that fits in this category, she's now a "special chicken" in the special chicken pen, and goes in a well-padded straw filled crate every night, out during the day with friends that won't hassle her, and no roosters to take advantage of her limited mobility. She gets where she wants to go, lays eggs and with the healing done- doesn't seem to be in pain like she was at the very beginning.
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