My chicken's mallard sister left - should I worry?

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    Sep 1, 2016
    The short version is that my wonderful easter egger Sunny's "sister" flew away and I'm worry she will be lonely.

    The long version is that I have 4 adult ducks. Then, I rescued a baby duckling from a storm drain (Stormy). After I brought her home, I knew she needed a same-age friend, but the hatcheries were out of ducklings for the season. So, I bought her a teensy chick (Sunny). I raised Stormy and Sunny together, and they have been inseperable all day every day for the last 3 months. My adult ducks harass them some, since Stormy and Sunny are significantly smaller than my big jerks.

    A couple of days ago, Stormy disappeared. I am guessing Stormy flew away. I don't blame her - she was probably tired of being harassed and I didn't clip her wings, so she is fully capable of flying. Plus we have lots of wild ducks in our area (we even have "Duck Crossing" signs on major roads nearby), so she could easily find some wild friends. But now, Sunny is all alone.

    My big duckies go about their business, and they either ignore Sunny or chase her away from food, the pool, etc. if they decide they want to be where she is at a particular moment. Should I be concerned about my little Sunny? She is so delightful, but I worry about her not having a close fowl friend to pal around with.

    Here is a picture of Stormy and Sunny on the day I brought them both home.

  2. How cute...You could look for another Pullet the same age...Chickens do prefer other Chickens than being alone...
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