My chickens stopped laying

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    Sep 1, 2014
    Hi I was wondering if anyone could tell me why my chicken might have stopped laying eggs?
    I was getting 7 to 9 eggs a day and now we're only getting about 4. They dont seem to be stressed out but I dont really know how to tell we're new to this.
    When we bought our chickens we were told that they were all 7 months to a year old.So I dont think that it could be their age. Their coop is kept clean. No mites or anything.
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    They might be getting ready to molt. Some people say that chickens don't molt until they are 16 months or older. But, I often raise fall chicks and most of those birds do indeed molt the next fall when they are about a year old. Once they are done molting they pick right back up laying again, even though it's late fall by then, and lay right on through the winter.
  3. I don't know what part of the country you are in but amount of light has a lot to do with the laying of eggs. I have 22 laying hens who, at their peak and on the longest days of summer, were laying 20 egg each day on average. Now that the days are getting shorter (I know it is not by much but they are) the laying has dropped to 17 per day on average and will continue to drop until only my winter layers are laying...until next spring/summer. Hens need 14+ hours of light a day to encourage the laying of eggs. You can supplement the light with artificial lighting which will help just remember to turn the light off when you go to bed.

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