My chickens & their home (Photo heavy)

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    I'm beginning to worry that I have too many chickens for the space they are in. I have 26 in total. Can someone please give me their thoughts ... I'm hoping I'm over reacting. What is not seen here are my (7) 10 week olds because they are under the two chairs my girls are standing on. They were bathing in the sand. They will be in the forum for sexing here in a few moments. : )

    Also ... is it normal for chickens to want a light on? If I cut off the 40 watt bulb we have over their roost, they will all coward on the ground together. Don't tell me I spoiled them? o: )


    Here is the run ...

    Here is some of the inside house & their roost area (old ladder) ... I do not keep the water so close to their roost during the night. I move it around or they will poop in it.

    Here is the other side of the shed. We'll be placing nesters in this area & I have to take down the lights yet. The fan on the brick stays on 24/7. They love it, sit in front of it & never mess with it. (Not sure how to turn photo)

    As someone said with the shed, it will cook inside so we added 4 vents, placed a small fan by it to help circulate but it still gets so hot. We now take a small sprinkler to the top of the shed. No water goes in, it cools the inside down by 10 degrees but I'm still not happy with the heat. I'd like to find a way to make it cooler before Florida's August gets here. Any suggestions?

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    lol i had a pair of adult bantys in my room for a few days becouse i was trying to tame them the rooster was mean and the hen was skittish and every night i turned the light out and they freaked so i took them to the coop where they didnt have a choice there was no light
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    How large is the shed; that will help with figuring out whether you'll have enough space for 26 (eventually grown) chickens. Ideally, you'd want around 100 sq. feet of housing and 260 sq. feet of run space. In Florida, you can get by with a little less indoor space if you have plenty of outdoor space, since they'll probably only be using the indoor space for sleeping and laying.
    And I can see that you've worked to add ventilation, but in your area, I think you need a LOT more, especially in a metal coop [​IMG]
    How possible would it be to cut out window-sized openings where you have your current vents??? You could screw harware cloth over the openings. Not only is your area hot (and probably often humid), but that's a lot of birds inside there at night creating more heat and moisture. If it's already hot in there now, your birds will have some serious issues once summer hits.

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