My Chickens think i'm a chicken

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    i have heard and seen where dog owners make there pets think they are humans. well i never expected my pets to think they were humans. and this was definitely off the map too.

    i retired from the Army and now i live in Ca, and i will have a Son any day now. so i have plenty of time i get up every day around 0700 PST take care of my plants and my chickens.

    this means i clean their house, clean their water well and refresh it, feed them, pull out all the weeds from my garden, then i give them to my chickens, and if i find and extra bugs or worms i don't want in there i give them to the chickens too. i water my plants, check on the chickens eggs, check on each off them, fight with Pedro (that's my roosters), and all kinds of other stuff like that to make sure they all know i the boss.

    this has actually worked out really well too because now i can let them out and they come back and they listen to me when i tell them too.

    well i have 4 hens. but only 3 lay eggs. and they all lay there eggs in the same nest. and take turns mothering the chicks when they hatch. so on the occasional time when the other hen lays an egg wherever she sees fit to lay her egg, i will pick it up and put it into the other threes nest. i mean i see so reason for it to go to waste because she isn't going to sit on it.

    now also 2 doors down my neighbor has chickens too. his chickens don't let him or anyone in his family touch them. and they are crazier about their chicks. so i asked the other people around here with chickens. and showed them how my chickens feed each other and everything else.

    they have all had chickens longer than i have and they've never heard of them doing anything like mine do. and my wife says i spend more time with my chickens than with her.

    so this morning that 4th hen laid another egg. so i put it in the nest with 1 of my hens, 2 were out teaching 3 newly born chicks, and the one that was in the nest was on 13 eggs and 1 new chick that couldn't get out of the nest yet. so i started petting it. so she took the egg put it under her and just watched me pet the new chick. while this was going on 1 of my other hens was coming back with another chick back to the nest. she stepped into the nest watched the other chick hop into the nest watched me, while i petted the chick that just came up, then scooped it under her when i was done.

    that's when i realized................................

    they thought i was a chicken too.

    my rooster will attack anybody who comes into their house except me.

    so does anybody else's chickens think they're chickens? it's certainly different than a dog thinking it's human.
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    I think my rooster sometimes thinks whoever goes in the chicken yard is a hen. He'll do this little dance, like our other rooster does that sort of means, "Are you ok?" it's really funny!

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