My chickens won't eat there food pellets only the scratch

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    My chickens are yr old and I have tried everything to make them eat their pellets( only given them pellets all day, using crumbles mixing them with seed.. They just left them) I guess they just don't like them or their spoiled which is totally possible . Any advice on how to make them eat it . I give them scratch and and extra greens and snackers like oatmeal on cold days or mealworms... They lay wonderfully so I don't think they are unhealthy just picky.

    O and another thing is it possible for a chicken to be naturally skinny?
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    I don't know about skinny but stop with the treats and scratch, they will eat when they get hungry, no chicken ever starved to death when there was food available, mine were doing the same thing.
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    My chickens would certainly pick treats over pellets - especially if we're talking mealworms! lol I wonder if they're just eating the treats and not hungry enough to eat the pellets? I'd guess that they might eat them if they were hungry enough. [​IMG]

    Sometimes the chickens lower in the pecking order can't get as much to eat. That could result in a skinny chicken. It depends on what you mean by skinny and why you think one is skinny. You could try giving that chicken extra treats and food away from the others and adding another feeding station.
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    Don't give them anything but pellets and they will eat them.

    If the pellets have gone bad though don't make them eat them or they could die.

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