My chickens won't eat veggies

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    Ok, I just figured out how to post questions again. I got lost on the website- I hate when that happens! I am only going to ask one question per post.
    My 3 - 2yr old hens will not eat ANY green veggies at all. The previous owner of them fed them junk food - i.e.: pizza, breads, corn on the cob, anything leftover from previous night dinner. They're spoiled she says... I give them a small "treat" in the morning and maybe in the evening. Mealworms, blueberries, bananas, watermelon (on hot days). Sometimes (once a week) I scramble eggs and mix the shells in to try to get more calcium in them. Sometimes I throw a little bird seed their way. They have oyster shell available, but I've never seen them eat it. They also have laying pellets in a feeder all the time. How can I get them to eat lettuce, kale, spinach, collard greens, stuff like that?
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    Chop up the greens with some fruit and offer them in one container. It's quite natural for them to distrust new food items, especially if they have never been offered them before.
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  3. Your lucky....Keep feeding the layer pellets and oyster shell....Most people feed too many treats and their hens wont really eat the feed....Just keep trowing out treats...They will eat it, as soon as one starts the rest will follow....

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