My chickens wont leave the coop?


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11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
How do you make your chickens leave thier coop? MMine are almost 3 weeks old but i have to shoo them out of their coop? What do I do
Just leave the door open, and let them venture out on thier own. When they are comfortable with it, they will come out.
At 3 weeks....they MIGHT be still a little young to be in the outside world. Mine dont get to venture out untill they are 8 weeks old, and FULLY feathered.
also, if you are letting them out that young, make sure the area they are going into is FULLY netted or fenced!! Chicks that size are a tasty snack for any hawks in your area!!
oh my gosh! I didnt know they should stay inside! I<ll give them more time! thank you

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