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    I feel like telling you all the Stories of my flock.

    It started with our four Brown hybrid hens, Penny, Wendy, Lucy and Tess. We bought them as POL pullets in 2010. They were really tame and friendly.

    In 2013 their eggs began to lose shell condition so we decided to buy some new hybrids in. We bought 6, a Goldline ( Goldie ) a Speckled maran ( Speckle ) a Rhode Rock ( Spark ) a Blue haze ( Smokey ) a cream one ( Cream ) and a Leghorn hybrid ( Snowdrop ). They were really good layers but not so tame.

    Then very very sadly in 2014 a Fox came and killed Penny, Lucy, Tess, Goldie and Speckle. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    But not so long after that Wendy went broody! We set her under 10 eggs and she hatched out 3 of them. One was very poorly and didn't make it. The other 2 were fine and turned out to be Cockerels but we kept them and they were named Basil and Parsley.

    In 2015 we put Basil and Parsley with the hybrids. By then Wendy had died too, we don't know why. Basil and Parsley were very happy with their hens!
    Smokey our blue haze also went broody and we set her on 10 eggs. She hatched 2 pullets that we named Bobby and Stevie!
    Parsley started being quite aggressive to Basil. We didn't think much of it until one day we found Basil ' No More '. So we let Parsley out freerange to do what he liked and he seemed happy. Luckily he's not aggressive towards us!

    Also in 2015 we bought some Light Sussex chickens. 3 hens and cockerel. They are also good layers. And we bought two Golden Laced Wyandotte boys.

    Part 1
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    It would be nice to see some photos of your birds. Do you have some to share?
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