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    i am quite surprised as to how fun chickens are. And seem to be easier than any other critter I have ever had. They are full of antics! My favorite part of hanging with them is when they dust bathe! They nearly disappear into the shaving peat mix. I have a dust bath set up for them but currently the prefer the coop floor. :/ and all have such unique personalities. When I first started letting them out of th coop they were very suspicious of the outside lol. Still are and don't venture far from the door. They have an incredible amount of fenced in area. Berry bushes that they have yet to discover. I just love it all!

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    Beautiful flock! ❤️. Enjoy!
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    They'll get over it!!
    Mine have 1.25 acres to roam. But the still ended up spending most of their time at the neighbors (who love them thankfully) dust bathing, raiding their garden and scratching around.
    One day my DH found them all marching up the dead end road.
    The straw that broke this camels back was when I found them 2 days ago across the road and scratching around in the woods behind my other neighbor's backyard... where I've heard a fox in the past. That did it. They are all now tucked away in an electrified poultry net.
    It's just a matter of time before your little ones get bold and will go as far as they feel like.
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